Architect graduated at IUAV University of Venice in Sustainable Design. Co-founder of abacO Collaborative and researcher on urban social design for VoD Think Tank platform. Interested in computational design, innovative technologies and open processes applied to cities to enhance participation and social innovation.

parametric design, architecture and art



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 “We are moving to a future where the factory is everywhere and the design team is everyone.”  Alastair Parvin

It’s been almost a month since the first OUI SHARE FEST took place in Paris. It was a really interesting 3 days festival entirely dedicated to collaborative economy aiming to spread the knowledge and grow the global community of citizens, designers, makers, economists, politicians etc.

Along with well-known speakers, institutions and organizations, there was a collective of designer (or better a community) that truly couldn’t miss the appointment. And to be honest, they were the main reason to me for being there. If you are readers of this blog, you probably already know them. I’m talking about the World’s biggest design team, the WikiHouse platform.

Let me just spend few words to introduce them. “WikiHouse is an open source construction set. Its aim is to allow anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training”. It is a non-profit project that adopts an inclusive approach and grows through the collaborative efforts of a community in an open-source culture.

Cover of the book "A pattern language" by Christopher Alexander

Cover of the book “A pattern language” by Christopher Alexander

It often happens that the most significant and interesting contributions in a discipline such as architecture come through unusual routes of unlikely character. And very often the recognition of the person and appreciation of the value of its work comes late. Sometimes too late. But since the seed of a wonderful idea (rather than of a revolutionary theory) has been planted, even if it is ahead of its time, there is a sort of inevitability that will bring it to fruition.