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Comme nous avions déjà annoncé en Mai, et comme il est annoncé sur le site de RhinocerosHDA démarre une nouvelle activité en collaboration avec Rhinoforyou, et organise des formations Grasshopper intégrant un Atelier pratique d’Architecture Parametrique.
Un de ces cours de formation est prévu à Paris du 20 au 22 septembre. Nous souhaitons proposer les 3 formules suivantes en fonction des besoins des stagiaires:

- 3 jours ( Initiation+Atelier ) : du lundi 20 septembre au mercredi 22 septembre
- 2 jours ( Initiation ) : lundi 20 et mardi 21 septembre
- 1 jour ( Atelier ) : mercredi 22 septembre


Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Glenn Murcutt:


Many narrow streets and alleyways off Oxford Street, London are currently misused and underdeveloped. These under regarded areas are ideal not only for improvement, but also for relatively unconventional design opportunities. Our proposal acknowledges this by providing an architectural intervention that subtly draws attention to the building through the intrigue of a sculptural façade. Inspired by the art work of Lucio Fontana large glazed areas orientated towards the sky are slashed into the façade, maximising the natural light available in this narrow street.



HDA s’est déplacé le 29 juin dernier pour étudier un exemple d’escalier en verre : celui de l’apple store du Carrousel du Louvre par l’architecte Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (San Fransisco).  Il est l”une des références pour un projet à Hennesey Road (Hong Kong) pour lequel nous avons mission de réunifier 3 étages d”une tour en travaillant sur un escalier et les  facades.

raccord par boulonnage

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We often talk about relevance of network effects in our jobs: networking dynamics can  be acheived both virtually and phisically. We first “met” Jon Mirtschin on his blog Geometry Gym, then we discovered he also was on twitter and finally we met him at HDA, thanks to Rhinoforyou.

091201 weaire phelan

We invite you readers to discover some interesting topics and posts we have selected from the Geometry Gym blog:

Exchanging Structure Models to/from Rhino3d (BIM and Analysis)


What is the architect doing?
He is by the riverside
What is he thinking out there?
He is committing egocide
Now isn’t that a strange thing?
Well to him it feels just
Well we guess a person’s gotta do,
What a person feels he must

He said:
I won’t throw myself from the pier
I’m gonna go home and shut up for a year
And when the year is over I’ll reappear
And have a solution
I’ve reason to believe that what I find
Is gonna change the face of human kind
And all these years before well I was blind
That’s my conclusion
Cause I’m the architect
Cause I’m the architect
Cause I’m the architect


Fractals video by xlace. Thanks to @generatorx and @subblue for sharing this on twitter.



Situated at the foot of the entrance to Trinity Bellwoods Park, a fluorescent dome serves as a beacon and threshold between Park and City. It is universal in form and origin. Utilizing fluorescent tubes and Tesla Coils, its modes of construction and illumination pay tribute to the ambitions of Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla: To provide universally accessible models of architecture and energy distribution.


Cheetah flicks_BPS22 Charleroi Jean-Luc Moerman - Atomic Hybrid Space
Image: BPS22 | Charleroi | Jean-Luc Moerman – Atomic Hybrid Space, cheetah_flicks
Picture under cc license

Depuis 10 semaines, tout les jeudis, nous traitons dans le blog le sujet de l”hybridation du métier de l”architecte. Une hybridation multiforme, qui tend à rendre communicants des domaines jusqu”à présent séparés: le virtuel et le physique, l”architecture et l”ingénierie, la créativité et les forces physiques de la nature.

Notre hypothèse procède du fait que “depuis environs vingt ans, la révolution technologique, produite notamment par Internet au niveau des communications, a substantiellement changé la manière dont nous interagissons avec le monde. Ce fait a provoqué, entre autres, la péremption de l’opposition traditionnellement reconnue entre le réel et le virtuel.”
Image: real vs virtual, Armalthea Blanc | Personas project from MIT
Picture under cc license


tomas saraceno_IMG_6273
Tomas Saraceno

Title: 14 billions (working title)
Year: 2010
Dimensions/Scale 1:17 Latrodectus mactans web
Materials: Black rope, black elastic chords, hooks
Exhibited: Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden 2010.
Courtesy: The artist and Andersen’s Contemporary, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery and pinksummer contemporary art


As we have often highlighted on this blog, flickr is one of the most important social networking tools for our office, as it allows us to keep in contact with many people and to share our work. One of the most successful operations we have carried out on flickr is the Passerella 2006 Flickr Group where we collect photos of our footbridge in Turin taken by people.
With this post we would like to share a small selection of pictures coming from our Flickr network. This is a good example of how networking is about learning and discovering things, rather than just advertising your own work.