ion cuervas mons

parametric design, architecture and art

The first time I “met” Ion Cuervas-Mons was on twitter, when he still was in Shanghai to direct the construction of Madrid Pavilion for Shanghai Expo. The second time I’ve heard of him it was because he was working on relationships between parametric design and games and we started exchanging a lot of interesting ideas - here is an article in French .

Once Ion invited me to a meeting to discuss a project called OPENARCH.
He absolutely wanted to design and build a house to create a new model of living, strongly connected to the Internet and inspired by the open-source philosophy.

That idea has now turned into a real appartement, located next to Bilbao – map.
The project has been officially launched last friday 25th of November at

Do you want to visit this prototype ? Just ask Ion at


King Kong atop Empire State Bldg ( source: Auchard )


We have already mentioned our friend Ion Cuervas Mons in our posts about Creative Commons architecture and parametric conference in Madrid and we would like today to share his new web platform THINKBIG LAB, presented as “a collaborative agency to extend architecture through the network culture. Not only seeking form and space but mixing with service, experience and organizative design. Learning by doing and explaining by the blog.”