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This post is the last of four posts about Participatory Sensing (projects and research) that we have been publishing weekly on Fridays in January.
In this post I’m introducing the Air Quality Egg project which is currently in process. It is designed for measuring air quality levels and it is being developed collaboratively in an open process by people all around the world.


This post is the first of 4 posts about Participatory Sensing (projects and research) that are going to be published weekly for the next 4 Fridays.

In these posts I will share my research on participatory sensing, open data and smartcities that I started about 6 months ago.
The first post is about The data-citizen driven city project which I developed with César García, Jorge Medal and Sara Thomson on September 2011. With this project, produced by a multidisciplinary team consisting of an IT System Administrator, an Industrial Designer, an Artist and an Architect, I really started considering how data can empower communities and catalyze social change.