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From Wednesday to Sunday we were in Turin to coordinate one of the group of international Smart Building Workshop.

In this post we share the proposal developed by the participants of our group: we have called the project RESPONSIVE PARAMETRIC INFRASTRUCTURE.

Thank you very much to the city of Turin for inviting HDA, and thanks also to the whole organization team for the great work of coordination. Thanks also to the partners of the event and, above all, thanks to Federico Borello, Grazia Carioscia, Aurelio David, Chiara Rizzi, Giuseppe Roccasalva, Antonio Spinelli, Edoardo Trossero for working so hard for the project.



A creative and technical team from HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés will be in Turin next week to direct and coordinate one of the group of international Smart Building Workshop in the context of Turin’s nomination for the European Smart Cities project.

The following key people from HDA are composing the team for the workshop:

Hugh Dutton | architect and designer, director of HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés
Gaetan Kohler | architect, co-founder of OZ collective
Sebastien Perrault | engineer and architect,
Francesco Cingolani | architect, communication and urban strategy consultant,