Architect Hugh Dutton about non-standard and responsiveness in design

parametric design, architecture and art

GRIDSPECTIVES: Energy Story from Grid Expo on Vimeo.

We have to go beyond standardisation…

I call the traditional pylons “industrial solders” because they are standard. It’s the same kit used everywhere. There’s nothing special about them, nothing individual and you can’t actually identify with them.

I think what’s important is to bring a new sense of individuality, something that responds to each case, to each context. We have the tools today to create non-standard objects. We can use parametric approaches and make things respond to each individual case…and I think that’s where the future is going.

I think we should put our energies into developing individual, non-standard, responsive designs.

Hugh Dutton talking at GRIDSPECTIVES about his approach to innovative designs for electric pylons.

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