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In this video Stephen Owens (Swire Properties Inc), Bernardo Fort-Brescia (Arquitectonica) and Hugh Dutton (Hugh Dutton Associates) tell the story of the design of the Brickell City Centre in Miami and especially the vision behind the CLIMATE RIBBON™, an architectural feature combining precision engineering and environmental design with an elegant sculptural form.

  • Learn more about the CLIMATE RIBBON here
  • Watch the full video here
  • If you want to jump to the CLIMATE RIBBON story, go to frame 02:17 of the video.

Here is a transcript of Hugh Dutton’s words:

” The CLIMATE RIBBON tells a story. It tells a story about Miami, about the climate. The streetscape has to be outdoors and the problem is how do you make a streetscape outdoors comfortable. The only tools we have to do that are the shade and to create a gentle breeze. The unique side of that is how to mary that together into one architectural composition. The underside of the CLIMATE RIBBON is a soft sort of undulating form. There is a series of louvers that are beneath the glass whose orientation is very specifically designed to protect the shop fronts from the direct sun.”

Hugh Dutton



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