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Peter Trevelyan’s incredible geometric sculptures are a thing of wonder being created out of fragile pencil lead. Fused together carefully with glue these delicate sculptures come in a range of sizes that will boggle the mind. – via

ABOVE : Hyperboloid by Peter Trevelyan

Trevelyan builds his geometric structures gradually with great patience and precision. He fuses the delicate pencil leads together into triangles which become the basic unit of the structure; the whole surface is made up of hundreds of triangles. Trevelyan describes his work as a ‘three-dimensional drawing’. – via

ABOVE : Tenuous by Peter Trevelyan

“The shadows may be more substantial than the thready spaceframes themselves” – Peter Trevelyan


ABOVE : Tomas Saracenp
PHOTO : Fifi Nylander –

ABOVE : 3d voronoi structure generated with grasshopper
SOURCE : Karol Wawrzyniak –

ABOVE : Facebook friendships visualization by Paul Butler

ABOVE : Structure wireframe of Louvre Islamic Art Department in Paris

Met3D remix – We Met Heads On from M Plummer-Fernandez on Vimeo.

ABOVE : “The process is the product” via

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