parametric design, architecture and art

This blog is principally a research platform for architecture and complex geometry.
We would like to build a space for open debate on contemporary architecture and new technology issues.

The blog is developed by the architecture office HUGH DUTTON ASSOCIATES .

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Complexitys is building a community of students, professionals and thinkers interested in parametric design, innovative art projects and participatory urbanism. We accept guest editors.

Please find below a list of authors (alphabetical order) who share their contents via complexitys.
Many thanks to all of them for their great work.

Sara Alvarellos / architect and researcher – more at
Phil Barrett / freelance designer
Aurélie de Boissieu / architect and researcher – more at
Fran Castillo / architect and amateur scientist – more at
Pierre Chassagne / structural engineer
Francesco Cingolani / more at 
Mariangela Corsi / architect
Gary Edwards / architecture student
Jaime Eizaguirre / architect and visual facilitator – more  at
Constance Heau / architect
Gaëtan Kohler / architect and designer at Hugh Dutton Associates – co-founder of Oz Collective
Benoît Sallé / engineer and architect – more at
Sébastien Perrault /  Architect and Engineer at Hugh Dutton Associates +
Nicolas Polaert / architect


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