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This post is to announce a new partnership we are very proud of : together with École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris College of Art, Gaîté Lyrique, VOLUMES coworking and WOMA fablab we are taking part to a new exciting Advanced Master Program in Computational Design & Making.


GRIDSPECTIVES: Energy Story from Grid Expo on Vimeo.



This morning when I arrived at HDA I found a lot of interesting books on my table selected by Sébastien Perrault, Mitsu Edwards and other collaborators of the team. At the office these books are used as reference and source of inspiration. They might be helpful to some of our readers so here is a quick presentation with a full online versions of 2 of them.

You can find more references on the reading list of HDA on tumblr:


Une approche holistique du design architectural par Hugh Dutton Associés aux frontières entre architecture, ingénierie et création artistique.

Dans la cadre de notre workshop international DESIGN by DATA, nous avons mis en place un partenariat avec la Gâité Lyrique qui nous accueille sur son plateau média le 4 juillet 2014 à 19h. Pendant cette conférence, l’agence présentera une série de projets développés au fil des années afin de provoquer une réflexion autour du rôle des nouvelles technologies dans le travail de l’architecte et du designer.


design by data

You know that at HDA we like to share because we believe in sharing as a way to learn and design. After two month of work we are happy to officially announce DESIGN by DATA workshop, organized in partnership with IMMAGINOTECA studio and La Gâité Lyrique.



We are releasing today our first official press-kit of the CLIMATE RIBBON™, an architectural feature designed by Hugh Dutton Associates for Swire Properties and architects Arquitectonica’s new Brickell City Centre development in Miami. The design of the CLIMATE RIBBON is a response to the climate performance parameters and the architectural form is therefore an expression of them.


Andrea Graziano

1. Blogger, researcher, artist, coder, architect…how would you describe and define your job and your projects?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein.

It’s hard for me to describe and define myself and my activity, especially in the last years. I would consider myself as a modern explorer, a person who really likes to imagine future possibilities (from science to philosophy, from art to biology) and to connect the acquired dots on a map (resources, people, skills, technologies, tools) to design new potential trajectories.

Jan Henrik Hansen - TEDx Zurich

Jan Henrik Hansen – TEDx Zurich

“I call architecture frozen music.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jan Henrik Hansen is a Zurich-based architect/artist/designer who turns (time-based) music into (space-based) physical sculptures and architectural structures. Jan is an architect with background in music and he has been teaching and researching with well-known professors Gramazio & Kohler.


Urban Life. Connected.

In this video Stephen Owens (Swire Properties Inc), Bernardo Fort-Brescia (Arquitectonica) and Hugh Dutton (Hugh Dutton Associates) tell the story of the design of the Brickell City Centre in Miami and especially the vision behind the CLIMATE RIBBON™, an architectural feature combining precision engineering and environmental design with an elegant sculptural form.


nouveaux espaces HDA

 “L”idée était que chacun d”entre nous puisse construire son petit monde autour de sa propre table”

Le renouvellement de Hugh Dutton Associés, un processus en cours depuis 2010, comprend aussi la rénovation et le réaménagement des espaces de l”agence. Voici une aperçu des travaux en cours (ci-dessus) et des croquis de la phase conception qui montrent la profondeur de cette réflexion que nous avions commencé dans le billet “Une journée à l”agence” avec la question :

Comment dessiner un espace de travail capable de créer un équilibre profitable entre productivité, spontanéité et sérendipité?