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Today we feature Open Energy Visualization by Fran Castillo.
The project is related to our recent researches about SMART HOUSINGREAL-TIME CITIES, and PARTICIPATORY SENSING

Open Energy aims to develop a platform to explore new systems of visualization and optimization for energy consumption, both in domestic and industrial environments.

The project has two dimensions: the first one, Energy Monitoring Device, investigates open hardware devices for monitoring power consumption and the second one, Open Energy Visualization (Data Visualization / Augmented Reality App – photo above), which explores new ways of real-time visualization power consumption in domestic environments.


This post is the last of four posts about Participatory Sensing (projects and research) that we have been publishing weekly on Fridays in January.
In this post I’m introducing the Air Quality Egg project which is currently in process. It is designed for measuring air quality levels and it is being developed collaboratively in an open process by people all around the world.