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tomas saraceno_IMG_6273
Tomas Saraceno

Title: 14 billions (working title)
Year: 2010
Dimensions/Scale 1:17 Latrodectus mactans web
Materials: Black rope, black elastic chords, hooks
Exhibited: Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden 2010.
Courtesy: The artist and Andersen’s Contemporary, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery and pinksummer contemporary art


As we have often highlighted on this blog, flickr is one of the most important social networking tools for our office, as it allows us to keep in contact with many people and to share our work. One of the most successful operations we have carried out on flickr is the Passerella 2006 Flickr Group where we collect photos of our footbridge in Turin taken by people.
With this post we would like to share a small selection of pictures coming from our Flickr network. This is a good example of how networking is about learning and discovering things, rather than just advertising your own work.


I think it’s always interesting for an architect to have feedbacks on his works. That’s why we like to share our projects and then read comments. With photos, it’s the same ideas.
With Flickr, we have been working on sharing photos and creating public groups of our most famous projects. A public group on Flickr is a place where people can put their photo of a specific project or on a specific subject.
We have recently started a new group for photos of the recently inaugurated La Roche-sur-Yon Footbridge, and we hope to have soon the photos above in it. They are by tof85.


Ci siamo. HDA_Paris ha il suo blog, complexitys, una ricerca poliedrica sull’architettura contemporanea e la sua relazione al carattere intricato e multiforme della cultura dell’era delle comunicazioni. Questo blog nasce da una lunga riflessione di varie menti e, in ultima analisi, dall’aiuto e dai consigli dello studio Ecosistema Urbano, che proprio oggi ha concluso con noi una formazione su comunicazione web strategica per studi di architettura.

Per il momento, forse, è meglio non aggiungere altro. Questo è solo un benvenuto.

Per le foto qui sopra, ringraziamo tutti i partecipanti al gruppo flickr Passerella 2006, dove raccogliamo foto della nostra passerella olimpica a Torino.