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In this video Stephen Owens (Swire Properties Inc), Bernardo Fort-Brescia (Arquitectonica) and Hugh Dutton (Hugh Dutton Associates) tell the story of the design of the Brickell City Centre in Miami and especially the vision behind the CLIMATE RIBBON™, an architectural feature combining precision engineering and environmental design with an elegant sculptural form.

Background : DATA BABY by IBM

Background : DATA BABY by IBM

Mercredi soir, le 15 mai, une grande partie de l”èquipe de HDA était au vernissage de l”exposition “Traces de Peter Rice” alors que une autre partie intervenait à l”espace de coworking La Cantine dans le cadre de la Future Architecture Night. Ci-dessous on partage les supports de présentation que nous avons utilisé pour la mini-conference titré Architecture parametrique «The process is the product”.


photo: PopTech 2009 presenters, day 3 – 198 by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

The video below presents the design thinking of the architect and researcher Neri Oxman, who is proposing a different way of thinking about the design of things around us: instead of thinking about forms of objects she suggests to understand first their performance and “how they should or need to behave in space as most natural systems do, such as trees”.

These purposes are especially interesting for us as in a past article titled Methodology of complexity (in French) we have defined form as “the spatial configuration of a physical object that is responsible for the relations between that object and the environment”.



Nous vous présentons aujourd”hui certains des projets étudiant de l”atelier dirigé par Hugh Dutton à l”Ecole Speciale d”Architecture de Paris ( Semestre Automne 2010 | assistante Elisa Querub)

Il s”agit d”un programme pour un stade de performance basé sur le concours pour le stade rugby Arène 92 dans le grand axe à la Défense.