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New Website Launched

by HDA Paris

After a long waiting, last Friday we have finally uploaded our new website at
We intend the new homepage as a portal showing randomly some images of our projects, our research and studies and from where you can be linked to our ISSUU portfolio and to our blog.
We also understand the page as something that could change very often, mainly by updating images of the slideshow (you can see them below) or the « interesting links » at the bottom of the page that are acting like a kind of news feature.
So, as it’s not something immutable, we would really like to have your comments and remarks.
We’ll soon add some relevant feature, for example we will integrate the work we are doing on Flickr and I think that we’ll add a more navigable portfolio without using Flash and with each project having its own link.
In our thoughts, we were very inspired by the great article « Why Can’t the World’s Best Architects Build Better Web Sites? » criticizing the current trend of building non-usable architecture website.
Are architect designing their website as they design buildings?
And if the answer was « yes, they are »…would it be a good thing?
Please give us your feedback! Many thanks.

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robert cole 23 avril 2010 - 22 h 54 min

Very nice website. Finally!
trying to get in touch with Hugh Dutton. was his classmate in P Cook and R Herron’s Unit 6 at the AA.
and no, we did not design our website.
rob cole

admin 24 avril 2010 - 20 h 28 min

Hi Robert, Thanks for your comment.
I’ve forwarded your comment to Hugh.
Would you like to write him?

Oz 3 juin 2010 - 10 h 04 min

Am also trying to get in touch with Hugh Dutton. Am also from the AA and is highly interested in his parametric approach.

Hugh Dutton 3 juin 2010 - 11 h 33 min

Happy to get in touch with friends from the AA…
Send a mail..


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