Leeuwarden Flying Bridge in Netherlands is just a Bridge in Disguise, or is that Robot in Disguise

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While the London Bridge may be awesome and the Golden Gate even more so, here’s one that beats them both to a pulp in coolness. The Flying Bridge in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Holland is more like a transformer than an actual working bridge. This awesome futuristic bridge is attached to an arm that extends over a small river. Whenever a boat has to pass under the arm simply raises the entire section up and over to the side. When the boat passes by it just lowers down and pretends to be bridge again. All it has to do is wait for the All Spark to arrive and the rest of the Transformers before we know the truth.




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    • nicolas
    • May 14, 2010, 3:43 PM

    even the word “amazing” is not enought!

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