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Michael Najjar's High Altitude photo superposed with Dow Jones chart

Michael Najjar’s High Altitude photo superposed with Dow Jones chart

For architects design and architecture are tools to shape the world and make of it a more beautiful and more comfortable place to live in, so we think it is very important to ask ourselves : Is our world being shaped by algorithms or by us? This question arose a few days ago during an exchange between me and Gaëtan at Hugh Dutton Associates. After watching the talk below “How algorithms shape our world” by Kevin Slavin [ENGLISH with FRENCH subtitles – 15 minutes] Gaëtan asked : “Is that what we really want?”


Peter Trevelyan’s incredible geometric sculptures are a thing of wonder being created out of fragile pencil lead. Fused together carefully with glue these delicate sculptures come in a range of sizes that will boggle the mind. – via


We are happy to post our first entry of our new DOWNLOADS category.
Like a small but growing number of other architecture offices (such as Ecosistema Urbano and Arquitextonica), we believe that sharing content can be useful, productive and not anti-economic.
In other words, we believe in an Open Culture.

That’s why on this post we want to share with you in a free download format, a rhinoscript code (see video above) that we developed for a skylight design in China, which can help with understanding the concept of double and single curvature geometry.
If you are new to rhinoscript, it may help you to have a look at THEVERYMANY, where you will get a better idea of what can be achieved within this format.