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by HDA Paris

Peter Trevelyan’s incredible geometric sculptures are a thing of wonder being created out of fragile pencil lead. Fused together carefully with glue these delicate sculptures come in a range of sizes that will boggle the mind. – via designcollector.net

ABOVE : Hyperboloid by Peter Trevelyan
SOURCE : bartleyandcompanyart.co.nz

Trevelyan builds his geometric structures gradually with great patience and precision. He fuses the delicate pencil leads together into triangles which become the basic unit of the structure; the whole surface is made up of hundreds of triangles. Trevelyan describes his work as a ‘three-dimensional drawing’. – via pataka.org.nz
ABOVE : Tenuous by Peter Trevelyan
SOURCE : pataka.org.nz

« The shadows may be more substantial than the thready spaceframes themselves » – Peter Trevelyan
SOURCE : oz-react.tumblr.com

ABOVE : Tomas Saracenp
PHOTO : Fifi Nylander – flickr.com

ABOVE : 3d voronoi structure generated with grasshopper
SOURCE : Karol Wawrzyniak – grasshopper3d.com

ABOVE : Facebook friendships visualization by Paul Butler
URL : facebook.com/notes/facebook-engineering/visualizing-friendships/469716398919

ABOVE : Structure wireframe of Louvre Islamic Art Department in Paris

Met3D remix – We Met Heads On from M Plummer-Fernandez on Vimeo.

ABOVE : « The process is the product » via conditionaldesign.org

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