parametric design, architecture and art

Andrea Graziano

1. Blogger, researcher, artist, coder, architect…how would you describe and define your job and your projects?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein.

It’s hard for me to describe and define myself and my activity, especially in the last years. I would consider myself as a modern explorer, a person who really likes to imagine future possibilities (from science to philosophy, from art to biology) and to connect the acquired dots on a map (resources, people, skills, technologies, tools) to design new potential trajectories.


PHOTO ABOVE: GLASS TECHNOLOGY LIVE event – These points of light seems to float. This illusion is possible due to transparent conductive layer that delivers electricity to LED embedded in laminated glass.

Mr. Hugh Dutton will speak tomorrow in Stuttgart at Glass technology live trade symposium about interactive concepts for transparent building shells together with Mr. Johann Sischka of Waagner-Biro.


HUGH DUTTON ASSOCIATES will participate in the MONA_LISA PAVILLION WORKSHOP and will give a lecture on Monday, 21st of Mai with the title PARAMETRIC DESIGN COMPLEX GEOMETRIES NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Thanks to Politecnico di Torino and Antonio Spinelli for inviting us to this event where we will also meet Andrea Graziano, an italian parametric designer who is also a very active member casino of the parametric network on the web. You can find below a draft of our presentation and an embed of Andrea Graziano”s lecture.