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“Looking at emergent phenomena in nature, don”t you think (traditional) design itself is against nature?”

This question arises from the presentation DESIGNING SPACE FOR EMERGENCE IS AN EMERGENCY in which we were exploring relations between design and emergent phenomena. Computational designer and researcher Andrea Graziano pointed out that we should rather think that “nature is the best designer ever” and suggested two inspiring mini-talks that I am sharing with you today. They both come from the website NextNature, a network that explores the changing relation between people, nature and technology. NEXTNATURE is asking a very simple question: “What is nature?”.

For example, do you think the image above is a photo of birds murmuring or a drawing generated by grasshopper or any other parametric design tool? Does a different kind of nature, created/designed by humans, exist?



It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…It’s a full moon….You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish! Thank you good people for waiting … Have a great weekend wherever you are….

By this informal post on their blog, Radiohead announced last Friday their new album “The King of limbs”.


INVITO_062210 - perm..indd

In the last month, we’ve often read about Politecnico di Milano and its recent activities, especially in field of innovation and technologies.

We have already talked in this blog about the Urban Hybridization conference about hybrid public spaces, organized by prof. Fabrizio Zanni, and we would like to talk today about an interesting project called DECODE.

The 22nd of June, the project has been presented at Politecnico by the two founders, Luca Dal Cerro and Valerio Bonora, during a conference specifically dedicated to innovative technologies for the construction industry.

The conference, organized by Prof. Ingrid Paoletti and Elena Magarotto [Building Environment Science and Technology Department], was a presentation of current state of the art methods in innovative design and construction technologies, focusing on all aspects linked to projects, industrial processes and scientific research, highlighting the fruitful synergies.


Daylight - a hotel scenario for the future

Here is a video of an experimental project by Philips for what somebody have called “Ambient Window”.