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DECODE | Discretization of Complex Projects /// presented at Politecnico di Milano

by HDA Paris

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In the last month, we’ve often read about Politecnico di Milano and its recent activities, especially in field of innovation and technologies.
We have already talked in this blog about the Urban Hybridization conference about hybrid public spaces, organized by prof. Fabrizio Zanni, and we would like to talk today about an interesting project called DECODE.
The 22nd of June, the project has been presented at Politecnico by the two founders, Luca Dal Cerro and Valerio Bonora, during a conference specifically dedicated to innovative technologies for the construction industry.
The conference, organized by Prof. Ingrid Paoletti and Elena Magarotto [Building Environment Science and Technology Department], was a presentation of current state of the art methods in innovative design and construction technologies, focusing on all aspects linked to projects, industrial processes and scientific research, highlighting the fruitful synergies.
DECODE is a young company deeply involved in the Discretization of Complex Projects (also the title given to Luca and Valerio’s speech). The role of this specialised cell can be defined as a technical intermediary between all the professionals participating in the development and realization of a complex project. Architects, engineers, façade specialists, constructors, all these categories produce data inputs related to specific aspects of the project and require data outputs in order to check the quality of their contribution. All this information has to be merged into a single and complex “4D digital model” (3D + dynamic data base).
The intervention at the Politecnico di Milano was particularly focused on the advantages provided by complex 3D models in order to verify a wide series of problems which are difficult to evaluate through 2D drawings and documents, which do not help in the comprehension of the complexity and intricacy of a tridimensional structure. Moreover the use of BIM and IFC technologies allows the implementation of the model with a series of information which may not be necessary for architects and engineers (where already known) but define all those technical aspects which have to be understood from the constructor.
In this sense, at the end of the whole process, the 4D model as realised constitutes a powerful instrument for the management and the comprehension of complex projects, which reveals itself as very useful in order to optimize the construction process through time and cost reduction.
Currently DECODE is working on a project by the architect Patrick Berger’s, La Canopee – Les Halles (image below), supporting the engineering company INGEROP to develop the data needed to optimise the production processes and construction phases.
Source image: Le blog du Forum des Halles Paris
For more info, you can contact:
Conference scientific coordinator, Ingrid Paoletti |   ingrid.paoletti  [AT]  polimi  [DOT]  it
and Luca Del Cerro, Directeur Generale of Decode |   decode.ldalcerro[AT]gmail  [DOT]  com

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