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DESIGN by DATA is a new Advanced Master Program

by HDA Paris

This post is to announce a new partnership we are very proud of : together with École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris College of Art, Gaîté Lyrique, VOLUMES coworking and WOMA fablab we are taking part to a new exciting Advanced Master Program in Computational Design & Making.
The aim of the Advanced Master is to provide students with a cross-disciplinary culture of computational design, from parametricism to extensive knowledge of the impact of digital design and making tools in arts, design, urban planning, architecture and engineering. The training has been designed as an augmented experience including courses, prototyping workshops, conferences, maker-spaces visits and networking events. The courses and conferences will take place in different locations in Paris, making this training a true opportunity to discover innovation hot-spots in the capital.

Convoluted Inferences by Co-de-iT + Mirco Bianchini and Alessandro Zomparelli / Photo: Sergey Titov
Pylons of the Future by Hugh Dutton Associés
Drone by Noumena Architecture


The master is divided into 3 main areas and it is designed to create connections and enhance transdisciplinarity.
Here is the online casino full program :
Art, Design and digital knowledge (120h)
Digital City and « Glocal » dimension (Domenico Di Siena) (20h)
Digital Culture and Space (Yasmine Abbas) (20h)
Data materialization and mesh modelling (Andrea Graziano) (30h)
Encoded bodies, embodied codes (Alessio Erioli) (30h)
Video Art (Eric Vernhes) (20h)
Digital fabrication and making (126h)
3D Printing (Justin Dirrenberger) (20h)
Industrial digital fabrication (Thibault Schwartz) (20h)
Data matter / Drone design and fabrication (Aldo Sollazzo) (38h)
Fab is Nature (Minh Man Nguyen) (48h)
Structure, architecture and complex geometries (120h)
Permormative Design (Sébastien Perrault) (30h)
Management of complex geometries (Olivier Baverel) (30h)
Conceptual design structure (Romain Mesnil) (30h)
Optimization (Cyril Douthe) (30h)


Head of the commitee:
Philippe Morel (ENSA Paris-Malaquais & EZCT Architecture & Design Research)
Members (non-exhaustive list):
Mario Carpo (UCL Bartlett & Ensa Paris-Malaquais)
Kas Oosterhuis (TU Delft)
Theodore Spyropoulos (AA Drl)
David Gerber (USC)
Jean-Daniel Kuhn (Systra)
Eric Piccuezzu (Dassault Systèmes ; System3DEXperience Labs Director – Construction)


The program is 12-month long based on an «Executive» Part-time format (one week per month).
The courses will start in January 2016.
Applications are now open at mastere-cdm.enpc.fr

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