Fab Lab León

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This post is the fourth of 4 posts about Digital manufacturing (fabbing) environments that we have been publishing weekly on Fridays. In these posts I have shared my research on fab labs, open innovation and smart cities, mainly in Europe and in Spain.

The fourth post is the result of a research on fab labs and their relationship with smartcities. In the last two articles I have written about two recent nodes of the global fab lab network. Although there are other fablabs in Spain, I decided to give visibility to these two initiatives in León and in Sevilla. Among all fab labs in Spain those two are giving a real opportunity to make personal production and digital manufacturing accessible and comprehensible for a wide range of people. However, the most popular manufacturing laboratory in Spain is Fab Lab Barcelona (2008). It is settled in the IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and it is part of the Fab Lab Network. I would like to share my interest in their research on how the digital production ecosystem could make our cities smarter.


This post is the second of 4 posts that are going to be published weekly in the next Fridays about Digital manufacturing (fabbing) environments. In these posts I will share my research on fab labs, open innovation and smartcities, mainly in Europe and in Spain.

The second post is a result of the visit to the Fab Lab León on the 27th of December when Fab Lab León had just opened its doors to the general public. León is situated in the northwest of Spain. I am eager to share my interest for this node of the Fab Lab network.