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Flourescent Dome

by HDA Paris

Situated at the foot of the entrance to Trinity Bellwoods Park, a fluorescent dome serves as a beacon and threshold between Park and City. It is universal in form and origin. Utilizing fluorescent tubes and Tesla Coils, its modes of construction and illumination pay tribute to the ambitions of Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla: To provide universally accessible models of architecture and energy distribution.


F30T8 Fluorescent Tubes, Aluminum Nodes, Tesla Coils
24′-0″ DIA x 18′-6″
Michal Maciej Bartosik was born in Walbrzych, Poland. He studied Architecture at the University of Toronto School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and at the Politechnika Krakowska in Krakow. He works
mutually between his interests in Urbanism, Architecture,Art and Design.

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