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Growing organic structures

by HDA Paris

credits: Jose »s sketchbook

guiding growth from joesfer on Vimeo.

Maya Grower from joesfer on Vimeo.

Jose, the author of the images and videos above, explains in his blog:
project arose from a conversation with my friend Gino, who is currently working on Medical Visualization, about the difficulty for an artist to create growing structures such as veins -let alone animate them- and how to make them look organic, and therefore irregular and adapted to the surrounding they grow upon.
I decided to tackle the problem, and the first approach that came to my mind were L-Systems, which have proven useful for modelling vegetation. There are two restrictions, however, which discouraged me from taking this approach:

  1. We should be able to bind online casino the growing of the structures to a surface, and therefore the growth needs to be context aware.
  2. We need to be able to direct the growth by specifying the areas the structure is allowed to occupy.

Doing some research I ended up taking the approach described in the paper Modeling trees with a space colonization algorithm, listed in Algorithmic Botany, which perfectly suits the aforementioned requirements.

Credits: Jose »s sketchbook | found via @digitag
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