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Uk launches a competition for the pylons of the future

by HDA Paris

image credit: q2xro.blogspot.com
image credit: Garamond Powerline by Daniel Adolph via q2xro.blogspot.com
A few weeks ago there was a real buzz around electric pylons, their design and their future relationship with the landscape. On twitter, @ballardian, @ethel_baraona were tweeting links, contents and ideas about this topic and at the same time Hugh Dutton sent me this link and Dezeen was asking for high-resolution images for a publication of Pylons of the future – Dancing with Nature –, a project that we are building in Italy for Terna company (images below).

The Royal Institute of British Architects in London have launched a competition to design new electricity pylons for the UK: organised in collaboration with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and National Grid, the competition is open to architects, designers, engineers and students.
_ via dezeen.com

_competition website www.ribapylondesign.com

You can also find more information on the competition website or download the [download id= »16″].
Guardian.co.uk has recently published the article Pylon competition seeks alternative to « industrial soldiers » mentioning our pylon design:
A Paris-based British designer, Hugh Dutton, won a competition for the Italian energy company Terna with slender Y-shaped pylons inspired by the first tender shoots of a young plant. The first prototypes are set to go into production soon. He said creating a more positive image for pylons to try to head off local opposition was a key concern for clients, but added that his more elegant design was more expensive.

online casino 0px; border-collapse: collapse; font-family: arial, sans-serif; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; padding: 0px; »>« Traditional pylons are the very symbol of insensitive intervention of mankind on the landscape, » he said. « These industrial soldiers that march across the countryside, galvanised steel trellis towers, are certainly optimal and efficient structures, but lack poetry. »

If you want more information about Pylons of the Future – Dancing with Nature – you can read this related post or download below the official press release.

Hda 100121 Pylons Press-kit
Other interesting links:
« Could pylons ever be pretty? » via BBC
Pylons on dezeen.com
Terna, the client of our Pylons of the Future – Dancing with Nature –, is a leading energy transmission grid operator, the first independent operator in Europe and the seventh in the world for kilometers of lines managed, with over 63,000 km of HV lines throughout the Italian territory.
The inspiring philosophy of the contest ‘Pylons of the future’ was to combine innovation, technology, design and environmental respect for sustainably developing the transmission grid. The idea of the contest is part of the sustainable development strategy pursued by Terna that is based on planning and developing the electricity grid to meet the needs of the electricity system while also protecting the environment and respecting the territory.

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Adrian Giddings 13 juin 2011 - 13 h 40 min

That first image is of the experimental typeface Garamond Powerline by Daniel Adolph: http://www.0c0m0y0k.de/garamondpowerline/garamondpowerline.html
Beautiful piece of work.


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