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tomas saraceno_IMG_6273
Tomas Saraceno

Title: 14 billions (working title)
Year: 2010
Dimensions/Scale 1:17 Latrodectus mactans web
Materials: Black rope, black elastic chords, hooks
Exhibited: Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden 2010.
Courtesy: The artist and Andersen’s Contemporary, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery and pinksummer contemporary art


As we have often highlighted on this blog, flickr is one of the most important social networking tools for our office, as it allows us to keep in contact with many people and to share our work. One of the most successful operations we have carried out on flickr is the Passerella 2006 Flickr Group where we collect photos of our footbridge in Turin taken by people.
With this post we would like to share a small selection of pictures coming from our Flickr network. This is a good example of how networking is about learning and discovering things, rather than just advertising your own work.
While looking through our flickr contacts I noticed that most of them share their photos with an “all rights reserved” copyright. With the exception of those who are doing this for professional reasons, I think many people are simply not aware that they can choose their license. As a result Flickr chooses this copyright as the default license. I would invite people to check this and, if they can,  to use a creative commons license (for example this one that Tomas Saraceno is using) in order to make it easier for their pictures to circulate on the web. There are lots of amazing photos in our contacts gallery which we cannot publish here because they are covered by a copyright.

tomas saraceno_kp6

tomas saraceno_IMG_6424

Kp6 and IMG_6424, Tomas Saraceno | we have already posted the artist’s work at Biennale of Venice here (in italian)


core.formula_pratt CES HL-7
core.formula_pratt CES HL-5
core.formula_pratt CES HL-1
Pratt CES HL-1, Pratt CES HL-5 and Prass CES HL-7, core.formula


nachetz_01_no title
nachetz_02_mi sono rotto.... il gomito
“No title”, “Mi sono rotto…. il gomito” and “microbios12-3565”, nachetz

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