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I think it’s always interesting for an architect to have feedbacks on his works. That’s why we like to share our projects and then read comments. With photos, it’s the same ideas.
With Flickr, we have been working on sharing photos and creating public groups of our most famous projects. A public group on Flickr is a place where people can put their photo of a specific project or on a specific subject.
We have recently started a new group for photos of the recently inaugurated La Roche-sur-Yon Footbridge, and we hope to have soon the photos above in it. They are by tof85.

The first, very important for us, Flickr group is the one dedicated to our Olympic Footbridge in Turin.

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It contains more than 230 photos from more than 100 members and it’s self-growing each day.

You can find more info on this project hon our portfolio.

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