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About Tensegrity…/// ABDR Architects `\\\

by HDA Paris

As we have previously been working on Tensegrity and sharing some contents on that, here it is a project by ABDR based on this structural principle invented by Buckminster Fuller.
We especially thank our friends Marco Riccobelli and Nicola Bissanti from ABDR Architetti Associati in Rome for sharing this project with us.  The design is for the National Museum of Reggio Calabria in the south of Italy, in which the famous Bronzi di Riace will be exhibited. Tensegrity principle has been used for the structure of a walkable transparent glass – see image below. The structure design has been developed by the Italian engineer Loris Manfroni.

Scansione0030The image of the bronzes has been found here.

You will find below a video showing some studies on tensegrity we have carried out at the office for a project in Singapore.

We have also recently used Tensegrity in the  « Pylons of the future | Dancing with Nature »

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nicolas 2 mars 2010 - 15 h 58 min

géniale la vidéo!
vraiment trop fier d’avoir travaillé pour HDA!
good job gaetan!


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