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JDS: Alphabet lamp

by HDA Paris

‘The Alphabet’ is the name of the first joint project between ewo, the manufacturer of superior-quality lighting systems, and the inter-disciplinary team at JDS ARCHITECTS. The project in the ewoLAB series will be revealed to the public for the first time at Frankfurt’s Light Building from 11.04.2010 to 16.04.2010.
The idea here was to develop a lighting system, which in terms of both form and technical specifications, online casino meets project requirements.

Different places and spaces should be lit differently. How to adapt lighting to places without always changing design?
This lamppost family functions as an alphabet of light, where each configuration is a new letter to light up a specific context. The design is almost invisible, just a simple round steel profile perforated randomly to let let some light come out. The addition of elements composes the shape of the lamppost in an infinite range of combination to adapt to the light’s surrounding requirements.
Julien De Smedt, JDS ARCHITECTS:


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