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THINK BIG < via @ioncuervasmons

by HDA Paris

King Kong atop Empire State Bldg ( source: Auchard )
We have already mentioned our friend Ion Cuervas Mons in our posts about Creative Commons architecture and parametric conference in Madrid and we would like today to share his new web platform THINKBIG LAB, presented as « a collaborative agency to extend architecture through the network culture. Not only seeking form and space but mixing with service, experience and organizative design. Learning by doing and explaining by the blog. »
THINKBIG LAB has been launched a few days ago with a very interesting post simply called « think big », originally published in La Ciudad Viva.
The following is a passage from that article:
As Debord said in The Society of the Spectacle, only the moments of change are real, the rest is frozen history. All of us begin to assimilate that we are living in a time of huge changes. The economic situation has led to an ideological crisis and new (or not so new) technologies are leading to an excellent context to try to transform our reality and improve it.
I decided to write on this subject after seeing this TED by Tim Brown, which try to come round the designers to think big, to set aside the “cool” and ergonomics and turn to the really important issues.
Creativity has recovered a very important position in society, and as architects we should focus our skills to new challenges, whether they are related to the construction or not. The design or architecture thinking may be applicable to other problems. Not only deal with form and space but give formal and spacial solutions for services, experiences and organizations. Health services, education, mobility in the cities, emergency architecture, reverse innovation, organizational design, etc. The speed of change is forcing us to look not only to new ways to solve problems but to new problems to solve.
Talking about all this with a friend, he asked me (copied directly from the gmail chat):
How can we explain design thinking or architectural thinking not to seem a show off of the architect? Is it actually valid? Why? What is architectural thinking? What differentiates it from other ways to think? What does it make worth just now? Is not because we have no work?
I think we need to respond adequately all these questions otherwise with one question they will make you collapse.
You can read the rest of the article here and follow @ioncuervasmons on twitter.

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