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3 interesting things we have recently seen

by HDA Paris


1 _
Photograph Jaime Beck revisiting the « old » animated GIF as a new artistic format.
found via RARA BLOG
best online casino wp-image-2771″ title= »2by-Grid » src= »https://complexitys.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/2by-Grid-202×1024.jpg » alt= »2by-Grid » width= »202″ height= »1024″ />

2 _
Diagrid Mesh Deformation: A form finding study using a tensile diagrid mesh of elastic cords. The deformation of the grid and its implied surface are recorded from three views as vertices of the mesh are pulled towards the base.
more video and info here
3 _
PARA_Site por Jordi Truco & Elisava [BCN]
more pictures and info at www.metalocus.es
found via @digitag

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