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Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 UPDATE

by HDA Paris

This a remind of a previous post in French. The third edition of Advances in Architectural Geometry / AAG will be held in Paris from the 27 to 30th of September 2012. Its attraction is reinforced by the support of the Centre Pompidou. As part of the AAG2012 symposium, a video panorama of Universities and Research Laboratories experiments will be held in the Forum -1 of the Centre Pompidou Museum.
The Panorama brings to light recent academic developments in Architectural Geometry and Computation. A total of 14 Videos of approximately 15 to 20 minutes showing in depth the current work of these labs. A wide and diverse range of projects with an amazing creativity
We encourage you to go see these videos which are already accessible through AAG 2012 website. https://aag12.architecturalgeometry.at/?page_id=491
The panorama is co-curated by AAG 2012 Organization Committee & Aurélien Lemonier, Curator at the Centre Pompidou.

Gestures & Trajectories from Felix Agid on Vimeo.
Teachers : Felix Agid & Minh Man Nguyen
This workshop explores translating of human gestures into programmed ones in order to inform the fabrication of objects and forms via a 6-axis robotic mill.
Based on a movement capture device (kinect) and software that identifies their essential geometrical characteristics, each group develops a protocol casino in order to fabricate a unique form with the robot.
Students :
Deleforge Adrien, (ENSAPM) / El Arabi Rim, (ENSAPM) / Gaudilliere Nadja, (ENSAPM) / Gobin Tristan, (ENSAPM) / Gomez Herrera yostino (ENSAPM) / Herbera Theo, (ENSAPM) / Aziza Guermazi, (ENSAPM) / Jaidi Lina, (ENSAPM) / Jlil Taoufik, (ENSAPM) / Kutlu Meite, (ENSAPM) / Shen Yuan, (ENSAPM) / Thellier Arthur, (ENSAPM) / Usai Sylvain, (ENSAPM) / Dauphant Thomas (ESA) / Lutz Lily, (Columbia University)
partners :
Digital Knowledge
Microsoft (Kinect)
Felix Agid
www.synthetic-lab.net / ezct architecture & design research
Minh Man Nguyen
www.wa-office.com / wao

[MIT Design and Computation Group] Geometries || Algebras from Theodora Vardouli on Vimeo.
Research conducted by the members of the Design and Computation Group in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Architecture [https://dcg.mit.edu/]
The video will be shown in Video Panorama that will take place from 27th to 30th September 2012 in the Forum -1 of the Pompidou Center in Paris, as part of the Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 Conference [https://aag12.architecturalgeometry.at/]
Video Credits
Curation and Production: Theodora Vardouli
Consultation: Professor Terry Knight, Asli Arpak, Moa Carlsson, Onur yüce gün, Daniel Rosenberg
Featured research: Alan Song-Ching Tai, Carl Lostritto, Daniel Cardoso Llach, Daniel Rosenberg, Duks Koschitz, Kaustuv Debiswas, Laia Mogas-soldevila, Masoud Akbarzadeh, Moritz Kassner, Onur Yüce Gün, Rizal Muslimin, Shaul Goldklang, Thomas Wortmann, Theodora Vardouli, William Patera
MIT Design and Computation Group
August 2012

ITKE AAG2012 project video from itke on Vimeo.
Please remind that one of the workshop focus on the work of the Cour Visconti in the Louvre in Paris in which we worked as specialist consultants for facades and roof structures.

IMAGE ABOVE : Stanislav Roudavski – flickr.com

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