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Parametric Design workshop in Leipzig

by HDA Paris

Parametric Design Workshop Leipzig
Sebastian Perrault of Hugh Dutton Associates will be one of the tutor of the 4th Parametric Design workshop taking place in Leipzig from 5th to 9th December 2013.
The workshop is an initiative of UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMY AND CULTURE IN LEIPZIG (HTWK) initiated in summer 2009 as « a venue for international students of architecture, engineering and design to develop techniques for generative algorithms and iterative optimisation of design solutions ».

Architecture and Structural Design

The HTWK wanted to work on avoiding the fall into the « decorative trap » of the parametric design scene. With complex structural forms the form-finding becomes a major aspect in structural development. Lying at the interface between architecture and structural engineering, it is a natural field where architects with an engineering focus and engineers with an empathy for form and architectural concepts have to work together closer than ever – and thus new fields are opened up for both professions.

Folded structures

This year’s focus will be largely on folded structures and their potential for high structural efficiency that open up a multitude of design opportunities. Complex forms made up from planar elements allow relatively easy manufacture and assembly. By using the school’s laser-cutter the teams can easily make the transition from digital to physical model during the workshop.


The workshop will focus on the development and optimisation of a building using Rhino3D and Grasshopper based tools, such as Karamba and iterative and evolutionary methods. Limited rapid prototyping tools will be available for physical modelmaking (laser cutter, 3D plotter, CNC milling).
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WEBSITE OF THE WORKSHOP : pdwl.htwk-leipzig.de


There are still some places available.
If you are interested in applying for the workshop, please write at pdwl@htwk-leipzig.de

HEADER IMAGE : Trevor Patt – flickr.com


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