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HDA in Turin for the Smart Building workshop

by HDA Paris

A creative and technical team from HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés will be in Turin next week to direct and coordinate one of the group of international Smart Building Workshop in the context of Turin’s nomination for the European Smart Cities project.
The following key people from HDA are composing the team for the workshop:
Hugh Dutton | architect and designer, director of HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés
Gaetan Kohler | architect, co-founder of OZ collective
Sebastien Perrault | engineer and architect, sebastienperrault.com
Francesco Cingolani | architect, communication and urban strategy consultant, immaginoteca.com

The workshop will focus on contemporary key concepts such as smart buildings, new technologies, sustainability and new issues for public spaces. You can find more information (in italian) about the workshop at smartbuilding.oato.it
We will share as much as possible real-time information during the workshop. If you want to follow us, keep an eye on this blog and follow us on twitter at @HDA_Paris

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