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Responsive Parametric Infrastructure | a proposal for a smarter Turin

by HDA Paris

From Wednesday to Sunday we were in Turin to coordinate one of the group of international Smart Building Workshop.
In this post we share the proposal developed by the participants of our group: we have called the project RESPONSIVE PARAMETRIC INFRASTRUCTURE.
Thank you very much to the city of Turin for inviting HDA, and thanks also to the whole organization team for the great work of coordination. Thanks also to the partners of the event and, above all, thanks to Federico Borello, Grazia Carioscia, Aurelio David, Chiara Rizzi, Giuseppe Roccasalva, Antonio Spinelli, Edoardo Trossero for working so hard for the project.



Turin Smart Network – a proposal for Ambito Pollone

A sustainable city is one where all the citizens share a global and collective responsibility towards their environment. A Smart City needs to provide means of awareness of every individual of the community of what the impact of their own piece of the city has on the environment, in the way they live work and play. The citizens need to have their needs and desires addressed to create their own quality environment. It is a question of Information. Information of the performance of the environment and information of the citizens requirements.

A sense of community provides social cohesion and a feeling of belonging. Each individual cares about his own world and can share together to build a quality environment.

Smartphones and personal computers provide a means for every citizen to interact and record their needs and desires and to participate in democratic improvement of the environment.

Today’s ICT tools are developing to become more and more capable of collecting and processing the complex mass of information that is involved. Data on consumption and emissions can be collected. Parametric optimization processes are capable of planning urban systems such as transport, energy, communication and space management in response to specific local environmental constraints to design the future city in response to each citizen’s needs and desires.

The proposal involves the creation of a system of data collection and interactive parametric processing based on a series of community nodes. The specific environment of each community is recorded and communicated through information screens in a central agora.

– A complex model of the physical area is created.

– The built context and environment is simulated.

– Energy performance data is collected and communicated.

– citizens interact and participate in the development if their community, their quarter, their city..

Iconic presentation screens, and signals in each community tell the story of each one, creating awareness and showing the process of interactive communication.

Like plants with a rhizomatic interconnection of roots, each community node is interconnected at different levels, first in the local quarter, then the city, nationally and through Europe to create a smart interactive parametric network to form a sustainable future built environment.

PresentazioneSmart citiesDEF1_10

The working group has been directed by Hugh Dutton and co-directed by:
Gaetan Kohler | architect, gaetan.kohler.com
Sebastien Perrault | engineer and architect, sebastienperrault.com
Francesco Cingolani | freelance architect, collaborator of HDA and Ecosistema Urbano

The following references has been used for the workshop:
HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés portfolio

– a talk by HDA | Hugh Dutton Associés

– Conference in Milan at Urban Hybridization – The paper is the result of a collaboration and it’s written by: Francesco Cingolani, Domenico Di Siena, Manu Fernandez, Paco Gonzalez, Cesar Reyes Najera and Ethel Baraona Pohl

SMART STREET PROCOMÚN , a urban operating system designed by Ecosistema Urbano

AIR TREE COMMONS, a design by Ecosistema Urbano

The event has been also a great opportunity to discover a lot of interesting project around architecture and the city of  Turin.
Among them, Transmitting Architecture Organ is an interesting blog and we are going to collaborate with it.

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Antonio Spinelli 25 novembre 2011 - 16 h 28 min

Una scelta condivisa per una comunità responsabile. Aperture e prospettive per una città più smart a partire dagli abitanti!
E’ stato un piacere parteciapare a questo gruppo di lavoro.
Grazie a tutti.

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