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Andrea Graziano

1. Blogger, researcher, artist, coder, architect…how would you describe and define your job and your projects?

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein.

It’s hard for me to describe and define myself and my activity, especially in the last years. I would consider myself as a modern explorer, a person who really likes to imagine future possibilities (from science to philosophy, from art to biology) and to connect the acquired dots on a map (resources, people, skills, technologies, tools) to design new potential trajectories.



ABOVE : Tomás Saraceno, In Orbit, 2013, Work in progress.
K21 Ständehaus, Düsseldorf.
Photography by Camilo Brau, © Studio Tomás Saraceno 2013.

In orbit is the last installation of artist/architect Tomás Saraceno with whom we are working these weeks for The Paris Atelier program. Here is how he presents this work : when I look at the multilayered levels of diaphanous lines and spheres, I am reminded of models of the universe that depict the forces of gravity and planetary bodies. for me, the work visualizes the space-time continuum, the three-dimensional web of a spider, the ramifications of tissue in the brain, dark matter, or the structure of the universe. with “in orbit”, proportions enter into new relationships; human bodies become planets, molecules, or social black holes.


The Paris Atelier

It’s now official : Hugh Dutton Associates is taking part in The Paris Atelier “LIGHTER THAN AIR”, an advanced academic program run in Paris by the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation with the participation of visiting artist Tomas Saraceno.




IMAGE ABOVE: WikiHouse: Democratizing Architecture – source :

 “We are moving to a future where the factory is everywhere and the design team is everyone.”  Alastair Parvin

It’s been almost a month since the first OUI SHARE FEST took place in Paris. It was a really interesting 3 days festival entirely dedicated to collaborative economy aiming to spread the knowledge and grow the global community of citizens, designers, makers, economists, politicians etc.

Along with well-known speakers, institutions and organizations, there was a collective of designer (or better a community) that truly couldn’t miss the appointment. And to be honest, they were the main reason to me for being there. If you are readers of this blog, you probably already know them. I’m talking about the World’s biggest design team, the WikiHouse platform.

Let me just spend few words to introduce them. “WikiHouse is an open source construction set. Its aim is to allow anyone to design, download, and ‘print’ CNC-milled houses and components, which can be assembled with minimal formal skill or training”. It is a non-profit project that adopts an inclusive approach and grows through the collaborative efforts of a community in an open-source culture.



After weeks of discussions, brainstorming and details organizations, we are very very very happy to finally announce that Hugh Dutton Associates is the organizing partner of the REaction workshop about Smart Cities and Parametric Design. The workshop will be held on July 5th – 7th at SUPERBELLEVILLE coworking in Paris. You”ll find all the details and application form at




Le 15 mai prochain, architectes et startups se rencontrent en occasion de FUTURE ARCHITECTURE NIGHT (FAN) pour évoquer le futur de l’architecture. Nous avons suivi et participé à l”organisation de cet événement qui, pour la première fois à Paris, va rassembler les mondes de l”innovation et de l”architecture à la Cantine, un espace de coworking très influent pour l”innovation et les nouvelles technologies en France.


IMAGE ABOVE: cover of the book “Traces of Peter Rice”, a collaboration between Arup, Culture Ireland, the Centre Culturel Irlandais and the Irish Office of Public Works. Edited by Kevin Barry and published by Lilliput Press.

We are proud to announce Hugh Dutton‘s contribution to the book “Traces of Peter Rice” exploring the designs of this pioneering structural engineer, his life and work.


PHOTO ABOVE: GLASS TECHNOLOGY LIVE event – These points of light seems to float. This illusion is possible due to transparent conductive layer that delivers electricity to LED embedded in laminated glass.

Mr. Hugh Dutton will speak tomorrow in Stuttgart at Glass technology live trade symposium about interactive concepts for transparent building shells together with Mr. Johann Sischka of Waagner-Biro.


Universal Joint (Jonathan Chertok) presented the results of his ongoing research at the poster session of Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 Conference held at Centre Pompidou Center in Paris in collaboration with Aurelien Lemonier, Curator of Architecture Department at MNM-CCi and the Ecole Nationale Superieure d”Architecture Paris-Malaquais. This work is the result of a hybrid design build practice based out of Austin, Texas and the research began in 1998 with a project that involved the digital recreation of a classical mathematical model collection housed in Goettingen, Germany.


We are glad to announce that the 1/10 model (6 meters height!) of our pylon GERMOGLI will be exhibited at Triennale di Milano within the exhibition “Architecture from the World. Infrastructures, Mobility, New Landscapes.”